Yoga is More Than Asana

The Well Life is a resource to help Yoga Students who want to deepen their practice and for Yoga Teachers who want to expand their teaching by narrowing the lens on the effects of a yoga practice to focus on the finest points of physiology, mobility, strength, the nervous system, and stress resilience to optimize your health with proper foundations and applications to life.


Yoga is more than asana and asana is more than modifications and variations.

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About Nicole

A passion for living life in mindfulness, with consciousness, and organic choices is fluid throughout her expertise as a yoga teacher as well as her work as a women’s health expert.


Her depth of knowledge, her versatility, and her likability have made her one of the most well-known teachers of yoga and yoga teacher training. Her classes are filled with ah-ha moments and laughter. She is a women’s health and a human rights advocate.

Yoga in Colorado
Yoga in Colorado

Live Your Life Well

Hi there! I’m Nicole Buratti. I believe that we can heal with balanced lifestyle, targeted movement, and nutritious wholesome food. In a world full of things to consider to optimize your health, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or starved for time. You don’t need more stress!


Yoga by The Well Life with Nicole Buratti is your resource to help you magnify the effects of your practice on your physiology, mobility, strength, nervous system, and stress resilience to optimize your health. It’s more than modifications.


Because Yoga is More Than Asana.


Designed for today’s culture, Nicole leads an engaging and truly needed conversation on the world of life lived well through Yoga, and how it could secretly be kept from killing you.


Life is an exciting road, but doesn’t have to be a lonely one. In her honest and open talks, Nicole shares her successes, her failures, and what she needs to do every day to make sure she stays on track, and doesn’t wind up imploded on the side of the road.


And, guess what? It all comes back to Yoga!






Clients Helped, maybe more

Nicole Buratti
Nicole Buratti
Nicole Buratti
Nicole Buratti
Nicole Buratti Yoga
MBSR with Nicole Buratti
Women's Health Coach Nicole Buratti Yoga
Women's Health Coach Nicole Buratti Yoga

It is people like Nicole Buratti that make the world a better place to live in for all of us.

~Jessica in New Jersey

Yoga in Colorado

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I’m currently located in the Denver region but I travel throughout Colorado and the US for conferences, clients, and anything yoga and women’s health. I also do a lot of virtual stuff every single day!

Various Days, just ask me.

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