How to Practice Every Day Bhakti after a Breakdown

How to Practice Every Day Bhakti after a Breakdown

Some people call it the Breakdown before the breakthrough. What I call the past couple of years after closing my studio is the Shit Show that gave me enlightenment. In typical Nicole Buratti fashion, you name it, I went through it and learned from it so now I have to share the goodness from the lessons of it. No different than before, just better! Much deeper and much better.

What I realized was that most important thing I could do in my life was to take spiritually aligned action if I were to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I truly believe that when you are aligned with the energy of the Universe, you can be confident that you are moving in the right direction and that things are unfolding as they should.

Every Day Bhakti

You see, I like to learn from my lessons and from my mistakes. This time it was from burnout and brain health issues that spun way out of control, beyond my own control and my own radar. Living in a fishbowl is nothing new to me. As many of you know, I grew up in the fashion industry in New York City, stood on stage every day teaching yoga and speaking to audiences of women in fashion and in yoga and to new and expecting moms, rubbed shoulders with heads of states and presidents of our country, and then became an influencer in my field way too quickly. I’m used to having all eyes on me at a very young age.

But what happens when life happens and curve balls are being thrown at you at lightening speeds and you just can’t keep up anymore so much so that your health is at risk and you land in the hospital for months at a time with stickies stuck to your hair? Not pretty.

Here’s a bit of it…

You quit for a little while.

You collect your thoughts.

You read a lot of books.

You break out even better.

With more clarity than ever before.

And… more information and more knowledge to help more people than you ever thought possible.

That’s what I do. I take the shit shows and I learn from them. I take the negative and I turn them into the positive to help people because in the presence of feeling good, you are very powerful. When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power, you become a magnet for miracles.

Just like many of you, the past few years have been, well… flat, stressful, crap, shit, and full of growth and clarity. But the growth and clarity did not come easily. There was a lot of digging, crying, crawling, trying out new and different stupid things. And, I mean uglies in it all. I’m being real, very real here. What I learned in the lessons was that I always had my teachings, my values, and my support system in place. Without my foundation of the sutra books, the yoga and spiritual teachings, my journals, and my mat I am not sure where I would be. At one time in my life, I would question that last sentence with who are you right now? Just get the eff up off the bathroom floor, stop your baby nonsense crying, and get yourself to bed with some wine. Who needs a journal and a mantra? Just get some wine, right now. You’ll feel better in the morning. Not true.

Knowing what it feels like to be connected to your presence versus what it feels like when you’re not, like when you drink wine for sleep, helps you witness when you’re out of alignment so you can choose to realign in an instant.

But something in me has changed in these recent years, I made a decision to believe. Not to believe in anything but myself. I’m not talking about a statue, a stone, a book, a mat. None of the material things I can buy on Amazon. Just myself. And now I find myself in my practice more present lately. When I find myself on my mat with all the things I bought on Amazon, I find the tools and the the props are definitely helpful but what really matters in my practice is the connection to myself and the practice itself. The mind stuff and the presence the stillness brings to me through the props and the stones is priceless.

I guess what I am saying is that taking these past few years away from teaching group classes and away from focusing on clients has given me a new perspective on devotion and a better practice of intention. The true meaning of yoga as a gift has fallen upon me. For a very, very long time I’ve been called to share yoga as my gift to the community and if I were to keep going as I were, it wouldn’t be authentic anymore because my candle would have burned out. That candle being the one in my brain, literally.

I am truly honored to share this practice, this journey, and this deepening experience with you.



Journal Prompt


What does it feel like when I’m connected to the presence of my power?
What does it feel like when I’m disconnected from my power?