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Yoga On and Off the Mat

Yoga is not just a physical practice and asana is just one of the eight limbs of yoga. The rest of yoga philosophy talks about taking control of our mind and directing it towards a higher goal and purpose. By reflecting on our attitudes towards situations, people, the external environment, and even ourselves, we can cultivate a healthier and tranquil mind, also known as ‘Cittaprasadanam’. Such a mind will allow us to perceive and react with clarity.

Each workshop is thoughtfully outlined and is focused on including discussion of the eight limbs of yoga, improving health, mind, body, and spirit through yoga and it’s sister sciences. All workshops are open to All Levels. No experience necessary.

Yoga Workshops Denver

Self Love

The Three Malas
Open Heart Open Mind
How to Meditate


Law of Attraction
The Science of Yoga

Science of Yoga

Platforms of the Body
Physiology, etc.
Yoga for Women

Yoga & Lifespan

Keys to Women’s Health
Ayurveda in Denver


Seasonal Needs
Living Your Yoga
Yoga for Women

Life, Family, Home

The Eight Limbs in Your Life

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Off the Mat

Whatever the challenge, it is communicating with you, your body, mind, and breath. Listen to it. What are you experiencing in the present moment?

The beauty of a yoga practice is that it’s an opportunity to train our minds to react to situations or people without judgement and attachment to the outcomes.

What can you take away and learn about your self – how do you react to certain postures? Are you looking for perfection or are you looking for that balance between Sthiram (stability) and Sukham (comfort)?

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